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Какво отговаряте когато ви попитат “How are you?” ?

Ето какво отговорих аз:

hey. I was good. Protected. I had a shelter. Then… i was born. Which is not such a bad thing. Lots of things happened during the years and now I live in London. Currently working for a betting or casino or whatever company (I’m not exactly sure) in the same city -> London. Not a bad city, but a lot of people here. Live is too busy, but i don’t think this is for real. I think people are just running but going nowhere. May be trying to see what’s waiting at the end of their lifes? Sounds poor, right? But I think that’s the true. No other reason.
And talking about this, I woke up this morning tired. No idea why, but still…

How are you? :P :)

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